Club remains closed for now

January 6th, 2021 by Chris Gore No comments »

Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you are all keeping well.

We are still currently still closed but hoping the Covid19 situation changes soon with the new vaccines being rolled out.

Please keep an eye open for more information in the near future about our possible return dates.

We are now in a good position with our governing body with all our risk assessments being checked and agreed so we will be ready to return when we get the go ahead.

Fingers crossed everyone.



Crazy Skaters Committee.

Covid19 closure

June 29th, 2020 by Chris Gore No comments »

Hi all.

As many of you already know we are currently not skating because of covid19.

This situation is constantly being looked into and when we can possibly return.

Once any information is received we will let you all know. As we see it this will not be until at least September.

Hope you are all keeping well and safe.

If there is any information you would like to know about joining the club in the future please let us know

We are looking for new members to join our club

July 7th, 2019 by Chris Gore No comments »

Calling all  page followers, parents and skaters alike, would you like to pop along to a free session?

The club is now looking for new skaters and new members, starting immediately.

We are also still looking for club instructors and session helpers, so if you skated before and now fancy taking on a voluntary role within a club to give back to the sport you loved so much, please get in contact.


Helpers & Instructors Wanted!

July 7th, 2019 by Chris Gore No comments »

Hi everyone, we currently have vacancies for a couple of roller skating instructors/helpers at the club.

We are looking for someone with well established skating skills to be able to help teach our sport to all members of all ages and ability. Preferably already holding a FARS licence and DBS checked, (but can be gained at the club if needed).  Must be able to organise and take charge of group skill sessions and organise games.

We currently run our general sessions on Saturdays. We have a team of helpers and instructors who are all volunteers and together they make a great team. Most are parents from either previous or currently skating children with us.

Yes as with most clubs it will be on a voluntary basis, we are completely non profit making. Depending on experience, you may also be able to assist with the Artistic section, this would be a massive advantage if you could.

The Artistic section, runs from around 4.15 p.m. to around 4.35 p.m and is dependent on instructor availability. It runs during part of the general session in a sectioned off part of the hall. This is aimed at the skaters who wish to develop and push their skills further than what is offered in the main part of the General session and is attended by invitation only. This session is run by instructors with years of experience in artistic skating.

Secondly, the main part of the club the General session. This is from 4.05 p.m. to 5.25 p.m. and is aimed at everyone no matter how advanced or basic their ability, including families. Although our only requirement is that the skater can skate around the hall without falling over unaided.

Throughout the year a variety of areas are covered, each week having a specific focus from fun games to new skills. In addition to this vast range of activities, the skaters have the option to complete our skills booklet. The skills booklet is designed to give skaters a chance to focus on and hone skills that push them to their limit and beyond to ensure all skaters progress and develop. The areas of focus are chosen to improve everybody’s abilities no matter their current ability.

Our dedicated team of volunteer instructors have been with the club for a considerable time and use their expertise and knowledge to ensure all skaters progress and develop whilst having fun. This session consists of a social skate, followed by games and skills.

If you are interested in joining us and maybe bringing your experiences with you to add to ours then please get in touch.


Are YOU interested in Roller Skating?

July 7th, 2019 by Chris Gore No comments »

The club is currently looking for new members to join the club,  for more information please email.

We are also looking for another instructor to come along and help us out, should have an artistic background ideally.


General/Social skating sessions

We run this session for all skaters who are interested in having fun as well as learning a thing or two. As a club we promote all aspects of the sport. Our sessions include, fun games, social skating, skills so skaters can work towards their skills booklets  and much, much more.  Our dedicated team of volunteer instructors strive to ensure every skater progresses and enjoys every session to the fullest. The club encourages families to attend, as there are not many sports where the family can participate next to their children. These session are every Saturday from 4.05 pm to 5.25 pm.

Artistic Skating Section

This part of the club runs during the general sessions from around 4.15 pm until around 4.35 pm every Saturday in a sectioned off part of the hall and is dependent on instructor availability. This section promotes the finer points of skating and is for those skaters who wish to push themselves much farther than most.

Roller Hockey

The St Neots Sharks Roller Hockey Club is a subsidiary of St Neots Crazy Skaters and offers skaters the chance to participate in the high octane roller hockey sport at three different levels Rookie, Intermediate and Senior. All skaters wear full ice hockey gear to ensure everyone is safe at all times. This is aimed at our better skaters, however anyone who can skate backwards and can stop easily are more than welcome to come along. We do need more members coming to this part of the club, so if you fancy something different, why not come along and give it a try. Sessions are from 5.35 pm to 8 pm every Saturday.

For more information on the hockey please visit our St Neots Sharks website.


I can’t recommend St Neots Crazy Skaters enough. My daughter joined as a complete beginner and they have supported and encouraged her with patience. She has grown into a much more confident skater and we are so pleased with how far she has come in the last 18 months; she has learnt skills she never would have thought she could. The sessions are lots of fun but also allow the skaters to grow and develop skills with a team of coaches that really know their stuff. Everyone is super helpful and there is just an all round family feel to the club- a real hidden gem of St Neots and one we are so glad we were recommended ourselves. 


Fabulous Roller Skating club, I have four children, two girls & two boys, ages 16, 12 & the twins are 8. They all love coming to the club it is a lovely friendly atmosphere with great leaders. It looked so fun I started skating too, we have so much fun doing an array of different things whether it be games which are fun or practicing new skills like turns & jumps. All levels of skaters are catered for from tiny ones up to golden oldies. I would so recommend this as it is great family fun.