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What is Artistic Roller Skating I hear you ask?
Artistic Roller Skating is a sport similar to ice skating but competitors wear roller skates instead of ice skates.

Within artistic roller skating there are several disciplines:-

  • Figures (similar to compulsory or ‘school’ figures on ice)

  • Freestyle (individuals performing jumps and spins)

  • Pairs (a subset of freestyle with two people performing jumps, spins and lifts)

  • Dance (Couple)

  • Solo Dance

  • Precision (team skating, similar to synchronized skating on ice)

  • Show teams

Artistic Roller Skating is governed and monitored by the Federation of Artistic Roller Skating (FARS). St Neots Crazy Skaters is a FARS accredited club. Accreditation is awarded to clubs when they can demonstrate they meet the FARS criteria for performing program, child protection, sports equity and ethics and club management. This is an acknowledgement that we take these issues seriously and that we are striving to provide a high quality and welcoming environment for participants of all ages in the sport of artistic roller skating.

Our Artistic Section is held at One Leisure St Neots, every Saturday afternoon approximately between 16:15 and 16:45. This section is run in part of the hall during the general session and is dependent on instructor availability. 

This session is aimed at helping to improve more in-depth aspects of artistic skating, such as posture and covers more complex moves than the main general session. For those skaters who wish to push their own boundaries this is the place for you. Our instructors all help push skaters to the limit of their ability to ensure they are constantly progressing and developing their skill set.

The Artistic Section is welcoming new members. All artistic skaters can apply to attend.

Please contact Chris for more details.

We have also been lucky enough to have a signed photo from Chris and Jayne wishing us all the luck in the world with our Artistic sessions.


“Jasmine (aged 7)  joined the Crazy Skaters club to enable her to skate confidently at birthday parties.  Little did I realise that this would start a real passion for her.

Since being invited to join the Crazy Skaters Artistic Academy, Jasmine has absolutely flourished under the amazing tuition from the coaches.  She is now performing moves that would look amazing in shows etc.  It is great to see her love the sport so much that she rarely takes her skates off and is always trying and practicing new moves.

The coaches make sure they spend quality time with each skater.  It is wonderful to watch how the coaches guide her using various methods to communicate what they need her to do.  They are all kind, patient and fun!

Jasmine had the great opportunity to have one to one tuition, which has really helped.  As well as some tuition under the British Champion and her team.

Their wealth of knowledge is not limited to how to perform various skating moves but I was amazed at the difference to Jasmine’s skating when she was advised to use different skates!  And then new wheels.

Chris, Carl & Ryan work hard to ensure that the skaters have access to good quality skates etc at affordable prices.

The club, run by father and sons, Chris, Ryan and Carl has such a warm, friendly, family feel.  They always make you feel that nothing is too much for them. Jasmine always feels looked after and special.  The team behind them are faultless ensuring the quality of coaches shines. Thanks guys you do an amazing job!”

Jenine (Jasmine’s Mother)

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