General & Social Skating

The club’s General Skating session is an opportunity for skaters young and more mature to develop and nurture their skating abilities.  Our dedicated team of volunteer instructors achieve this by working with smaller groups of similar abilities or individuals with a varied amount of different activities.

These sessions run from 4.05 pm to 5.25 pm.

Each session typically consists of asocial skate period whilst skaters arrive, then the theme of that week which is taken from the skills booklet including games, then to finish off the skating time we have a free skate sometimes to music. Every week the skaters will be able to choose from a vast selection of games to play which have been carefully designed to be fun and safe for all ages and abilities.

St Neots Crazy Skaters Artistic Roller Skating is governed and monitored by the Federation of Artistic Roller Skating (FARS). St Neots Crazy Skaters is a FARS accredited club. Accreditation is awarded to clubs when they can demonstrate they meet the FARS criteria for performing program, child protection, sports equity and ethics and club management. This is an acknowledgement that we take these issues seriously and that we are striving to provide a high quality and welcoming environment for participants of all ages in the sport of artistic roller skating.

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