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Coaches wanted.

September 28th, 2018

Hi everyone, we currently have vacancies for a couple of roller skating coaches at the club.

We are looking for someone with well established skating skills to be able to help teach our sport to all members of all ages and ability. Preferably already holding a FARS licence and DBS checked, (but can be gained at the club if needed).  Be able to organise and take charge of group skill sessions and to organise games. We currently run our general sessions on Saturdays. We have a team of helpers and coaches who are all volunteers and together they are a great team. Most are parents from either previous or currently skating children with us. Yes as with most clubs it will be on a voluntary basis, we are completely non profit making. Depending on experience, you may also be bale to assist with the Artistic Academy from too, this would be a massive advantage if you could.

The Artistic Academy, which runs from 4.05 p.m. to 4.45 p.m. This is aimed at the skaters who wish to develop and push their skills further than what is offered in the General session and is attended by invitation only. This session is run by our Head Coach Ryan who has years of experience in artistic skating and has received coaching from a former and current GB champion. He is accompanied by Chris (Club Chairman) who first started the club in 1993. The Academy has grown considerably in size as more and more skaters seek to push themselves to their limits and beyond. The skaters are grouped into two different abilities in the session to ensure each skater gets the attention they need and all skaters are constantly progressing. Every week there is a short warm-up with a dance and a specific focus area for the coaches which they strive to get all skaters progressing in. Although this session is only 40 minutes, it is very intense skating to ensure all skaters get the most of each session.

Secondly, the main part of the club the General session. This is from 4.45 p.m. to 6.05 p.m. and is aimed at everyone no matter how advanced or basic their ability, including families. Although our only requirement is that the skater can skate around the hall without falling over. Throughout the year a variety of areas are covered, each week having a specific focus from fun games to new skills. In addition to this vast range of activities, the skaters have the option to complete our skills booklet. The skills booklet is designed to give skaters a chance to focus on and hone skills that push them to their limit and beyond to ensure all skaters progress and develop. The areas of focus are chosen to improve everybody’s abilities no matter their current ability. Our dedicated team of volunteer coaches led by our brilliant Head Coach Ryan, have been with the club for a considerable time use their expertise and knowledge to ensure all skaters progress and develop whilst having fun. This session consists of a warm up, followed by the focus area that week and finishing generally with a game or two. After Christmas, each year skaters will be putting everything that they have learnt during the year, into a routine which they choose their own music for. They will then perform this routine in our annual internal competition or show in March to fellow skaters, friends and family. The club does its best to try and get all skaters to show off their exceptional progress on this fantastic afternoon. The competition/show entry cost helps pay for all the awards at the club’s presentation evening the following week. The presentation evening is held locally and an incredible opportunity for everyone to dress up and have a great evening. The club does its best to ensure that every club member receives at least one award for the exceptionally hard effort they put in.

If you are interested in joining us and maybe bringing your experiences with you to add to ours then please get in touch.