Interested in Roller Skating.

May 12th, 2016 by Chris Gore

The club is currently looking for new members to join the club,  for more information please email.

We are also looking for another coach to come along and help us out, should have an artistic background ideally.


General/Social skating sessions

We run this session for all skaters who are just interested in having fun, and of course we will also promote all aspects of the sport, we run grades session twice a year, fun weeks, speed skating and much more.  there is coaching every week on some kind of skill. We also encourage families to attend, as there are not many sports the who family can participate in next to their children. These session are every Saturday from 4.45pm to 6.05pm.

Costs (General session).

There are two ways to pay, either weekly or monthly by standing order, weekly is £6 per skater for the general session including skate hire, (based on cash payment) with discounts for paying monthly by standing order and for more than one member attending, great discounts also for families. (Monthly payments do not include skate hire), for 1 member to skate for the month would be £15. Payment for 2 skaters is £23 and £30 for a family. all skaters are entitled to a trial period, maximum of 4 sessions, (not covered by our insurance until they become fully paid up members) before they have to join.

Artistic Skating Academy

This part of the club runs sessions from 4pm for 45 minutes every Saturday, this is promoting the finer points of skating and for those skaters who wish to push themselves much farther than most.

Costs (Academy)

£4 per skater for this session if you stay to the General session too, (attending Academy only is £5). including skate hire. these amounts are for skaters once they have joined the club.

Inline/quad Hockey (Ice hockey equivalent).

The club runs roller hockey, with all skaters wearing full ice hockey gear. We aim this at our better skaters, but anyone who can skate Backwards and can stop easily are more than welcome to come along. We do need more members to this part of the club, so if you fancy something different, why not come along and give it a try. Sessions are from 6.10 pm to 8pm every Saturday.

Costs (Hockey)

£6 weekly, standing order payments are with great discounts, senior members £20, junior players playing to 7.30pm pay £15.

Trial players can come along to see if they want to join and pay £6, maximum of 4 sessions, (not covered by our insurance until they become fully paid up members) before they have to join.

Equipment is included in the play charge.

For more info on the hockey please refer to our St Neots sharks web page.



Fabulous Roller Skating club, I have four children, two girls & two boys, ages 16, 12 & the twins are 8. They all love coming to the club it is a lovely friendly atmosphere with great leaders. It looked so fun i started skating too, we have so much fun doing array of different things weather it be games which are fun or practicing new skills like turns & jumps. All levels of skaters are catered for from tiny ones up to golden oldies. I would so recommend things as great family fun.